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Trend Alert: The Rise in Boxing

A sport once targeted to men has now gained popularity among models and celebrities. Boxing is the go-to sport for silhouette-sculpting bodies, but it’s not all about fat-burning cardio, toned arms and flat bellies. “The benefits are both mental and physical,” says Elena Reid, a former Women’s International Boxing Association and International Female Boxers Association Flyweight Champion who now teaches boxing classes at a YMCA in Arizona. “The science and art of boxing is to learn how to use your body and brain together. It’s about how the body works to deliver the speed and power in the most efficient way,” Reid says.

Perks of Boxing

  1. It’s an incredible cathartic release. Hitting anything is a stress reliever, but boxing allows you to do it in a controlled and safe manner.

  2. The ultimate mental boosting agent, boxing builds inner strength and self-esteem. “It feels good to be strong and confident. I see this on a daily basis in soldiers with PTSD, mothers with anxiety and teens with low confidence,” Reid says.

  3. Movement is power. During any boxing class, students are building an inner warrior attitude and developing the skills and courage for self-defense.

  4. Boxing is ideal for anyone, no matter their age or developmental growth. “We use different punch combinations, which uses memory, focus, [hand-eye] coordination and repetitive practice,” Reid says. Boxing also increases flexibility and finesses motor skills.

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