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Flying "Under the Radar"

The name of my most recent fashion editorial, "Under the Radar," couldn't have been more appropriate right now! As the summer flew by, I kept busy with other things that are thrilling and will propel my fashion career to another level. If you are not following my Insta account (@zlatarus and @zoguefashion) let me catch you up to speed!

The 2017 fall fashion calendar has been last minute extraordinaire! I got a chance to attend the New York Fashion Week with my beautiful family, mom Irina (@irinasmirnovaphoto) and sister Alina (@_russian_standard). It was a very special treat. I also got to attend the matriarch of all fashion cities the Paris Fashion Week with my long time best friend Laura (@liolochka). It makes everything that much better when your special humans are able to come along and support you. I am very thankful for that.

So, without any delay, here is the latest fashion editorial:

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