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A Little Sole Searching Does the Body Good

Is there such a thing as a comfortable high heel? Joan Oloff says yes. The foot doctor developed a patented technology that tackles the three major issues women face while wearing high fashion stilettos: providing shock absorption throughout the foot, supporting the arch and offloading pressure points. Oloff quite literally grew up around shoes; her grandfather started the family’s journey into the retail shoe business. Melding a medical career (she owns a foot and ankle center in Silicon Valley) with an eponymous shoe line was inevitable.

“I often found myself educating women about the ill effects of heels on the body. I would look at my patients after their consultation knowing that they would ignore my advice and continue to choose fashion over function,” Oloff says. She answered this dilemma by creating a line of high fashion shoes, handmade in Italy, that feel like they have custom orthotics in every pair and do not ruin women’s feet. “The true uniqueness of my shoes is that women don’t have to compromise on either style or comfort,” she says.

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