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For Timeless Pieces, Marco Bicego Is Your Jewelry Designer

Italian-born Marco Bicego was born into the world of goldsmithing. Although Bicego’s family never demanded Bicego to take over the family business, Bicego did pursue the family business, realizing his passion for design. Bicego began his training as a gold artisan at his father’s 50-year old atelier in the Veneto region of Italy. Experimenting with designs, he crafted unique shapes by blending urban-inspired lines with ethnic motifs and merging natural forms with artistic outlines.

Bicego’s eponymous jewelry line launched in 2000. Since then he has successfully launched over dozen collections and expanded his brand worldwide. His uniquely crafted pieces are exceptional enough to make a statement, yet personal enough to wear every day. “Marco Bicego woman is modern, independent and stylish,” explains Bicego.

His latest collection Masai is inspired by the ornaments typical of the African Masai tribe, each piece is crafted in 18K gold hand-coiled strands.

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