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When The Reed Blooms

If I could wake up to a garden of peonies every day of my life, I wold be complete. Let's just say I have never met a peony I did not like. It is an intriquet flower with an array of shapes and hues. Next time you happen to stumble upon a peony - which is hard to do in South Florida - observe each petal with patience, you will find them all to be unique. I know you're thinking, does this girl know that the title is "When The Reed Blooms" not "When Peony Blooms," yes, I am aware of that. I will let you in on a little behind the scenes secret..... In the latest fashion shoot, photographer Kendra Page included a big peony but Lucy's Magazine decided not to include that image in the webitorial. So here it is! I hope you are having a blooming summer, enjoy the images!

Webitorial for Lucy's Magazine

Photographer: Kendra Page

Model: Jessica Whitlow of MP Management Miami

Fashion Stylist: Zlata Kotmina

Hair Stylist: Dania Gazzalla

Makeup: Lee Ben Hanan

Assistant: Monica C. Baker

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